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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most important questions, so that you'll easily understand what we're up to.
Will be updated from time to time...
Jamplifier is a community platform for musicians who are underdogs and who wish to become successful by making music that will not be mainstream. The project primarely consists of the online platform (www.jamplifier.com), as well as of our eBook (The Jamplifier's Manual).
The Jamplifier's Manual (How to become a Rock Star in the 21st Century) is an eBook that may help you to become a successful musician, by greatly improving your songwriting, production, and marketing skills.
You may read chapter 1 for free while the entire eBook is available for $9.99 (Amazon Kindle & Apple iBooks). Buying the eBook will NOT be required to become a full member of the platform, of course.
The goal is to help independent musicians to become successful with their own music, not only by improving their marketing skills, but also by addressing the number one problem the entire music industry currently has, which is the music itself.
Most other books will teach you how to get better at selling a bad product, while the Jamplifier's Manual first teach you how to greatly improve your own music, it will teach you how to write so-called "killer songs" and how to produce so-called "killer albums".
So the primary focus will be on greatly improving your songwriting and production skills, in order to help you to write and record much better music – not mainstream chart pop crap, but handmade art that will make people go crazy again and that fans will love to buy. Because the better your product (your music) will be, the easier it will become to sell it later on.
You will need to read or download chapter one to fully understand this approach.
First of all, this shall become a community of independent artists having one common goal, and that goal will be to become more successful with their own music, without having to sell their souls to the music industry. Sharing thoughts and ideas as well as discussing personal experiences may help all of us to make considerable progress in the future.
Secondly, the platform will keep you informed thanks to its feed robot, you will be able to use our music database in order to learn about the greatest artists, albums and songs of all time (you may also want to read The Jamplifier's Manual Chapter 3 – Masters Of The Past then), and you will also be able to use Jamplifier's Tools that may help you to improve your own music.
Finally, you may help to improve both the platform itself and the Jamplifier's Manual by offering feedback and by making suggestions. Jamplifier shall not be a static project, it shall evolve over time and both the site and the eBook shall be updated on a regular basis.
The Jamplifier platform is FREE to join, there are no fees, and you may use all tools and resources without paying anything. The Jamplifier's Manual (the eBook mentioned above) is available for $9.99, although you may also read the first chapter for free.
You don't have to buy the eBook to become part of the community, although it may be a good idea to get it if you're serious about your future career as an independent musician.
Definitely not, and if your plan will be to get rich quick, then making music may not be the best plan anyway. Nobody will guarantee anything, and your future success will solely depend on your own actions, of course. Check out the Manual's FAQ for more info.
The only thing we may promise is that becoming a member of the Jamplifier community and reading The Jamplifier's Manual will most likely increase the chances that you will greatly improve your own music and that you may indeed become a much more successful musician than you currently are.
The Jamplifier project has been initiated by Jos F. Kirps, who is a teacher, web developer, author and musician from Luxembourg, Europe.
He created Luxembourg's two most popular e-learning platforms (one of those has been licensed by the government and can now be used by 50,000+ students and teachers), he developed the Jamplifier platform/website and he also wrote The Jamplifier's Manual.
He started his own music project named The Bleeding Outlaw in mid-2019.
The platform itself is hosted by Joopita Research, a non-profit organization that's managing the required hardware and software the platform is running on.
No, you may join this platform and/or read the book no matter what genre of music you will be making, and it also won't matter if you're a solo artist, a singer/songwriter, a band, or a pure studio project for example, as the basic rules will be the same of everyone. Check out the Manual's FAQ for more info.
Both the platform and the book may also be useful for music professionals such as studio owners and producers for example, and there will even be a dedicated page for music pros.
No, you cannot, and in some European Union countries we're even forced to decline access if you're younger than 16 years old (sorry for that). You may still read chapter 1 of the manual without signing up though, and you may also ask your parents to buy the Jamplidier's Manual for you, of course.