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Only 606 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

The first thing I’d like to do is to answer some of the questions that would usually pop up. The kind of questions I would ask if someone came around offering some magic solution to all of my problems.

Is this one of those “Get Rich Quick” books?

No, it isn’t. This book is not a scam.

It will tell you things nobody in this business is talking about, it will show you that all of the truths all kinds of experts are preaching are wrong, and it will show you some numbers you won’t believe to be true at first. Soon you will understand why all of the record companies’ strategies are flawed, why all artists are taking mostly bad decisions, and why all the things both artists and companies are doing can never lead to success.

All of this will allow us to develop a new kind of strategy that will be based on the idea to greatly improve the quality of your music, to bring back innovation and to restart recording albums that will really matter again. That’s the master plan, and if you take the time to read the first two chapters then you will have reached a whole new level as an artist already.

The only thing I can promise, of course, is that you may create better music and become more successful when applying the ideas, concepts, and recommendations in this manual. You may become very wealthy if you’re doing everything right, but I can’t guarantee anything of course.

If money is the only thing you’re after, then the music business isn’t for you anyway. In this case, you should try to become a lawyer, a broker, an investor, or something similar instead. Or simply get a better job, or even a job at all. Or play the lottery.


That’s the best way to make sure you’ll be focusing on the quality of your work, and this again will lead to better products, to more fans, and to greater success.

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