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About Jamplifier.com

Jamplifier.com provides tools and resources for artists. It shall help musicians to make better music and to be successful with it.
Jamplifier is a project created by Jos F. Kirps.


The Jamplifier project has been initiated by Jos F. Kirps, a musician, software developer, and teacher from Luxembourg.
Jos is the developer of the Jamplifier platform, and he's also the author of the Jamplifier's Manual. You may contact Jos via e-mail (jos@jamplifier.com), and you may also visit his website www.kirps.com if you'd like to learn more about his projects.
The platform itself is managed and administrated by co-founder Jos.
We have been developing educational platforms and resources since 2010, including Luxembourg's official educational platform.


Jamplifier.com has been providing tools for artists since 2008.
The Jamplifier project was started in early 2008, with the goal to provide great tools for artists and musicians.
In mid 2008 the jamplifier.com was launched as a web directory with resources for artists. The site was also a social network that allowed to create connections between musicians and pros. Work on the Jamplifier's Manual started around the same time. At the same time we introduced the Jamplifier CMS, a Content Management System for musicians that easily allows to create powerful artist websites including an online shop.
In 2010 we finished work on Jamplifier ONE, which is our own recording studio.
In 2013 the web directory was shut down and we took the previous content offline in order to prepare the new jamplifier.com. Only the Jamplifier CMS and the studio remained operational.
In mid 2019 the current jamplifier.com platform has been released, featuring the Jamplifier's Manual and all online tools.


The photo we're using on the website's front page and on the manual's cover has been taken by Vishnu R Nair, it can be found here: