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Welcome to the privacy information area

We are very serious about both security and the privacy of our users. In this area you will find detailed information on how this site works, on how we collect and store data, on how we intend to ensure the safety of children and young adults, and on how we intend to ensure that all members of this site will treat other users with respect.

Terms of use & community rules

Our terms of use describe the agreement between the user and the provider (us) when using this site. As soon as you create an account on this site you also agree to the community rules, which shall assure that all users on this site will be treated with respect.

Data collection & transparency

It is our policy to collect and to store only the absolute mininum of data needed to make this site work. Furthermore we allow all of our users to view account data that has been stored, and we even provide detailed information on how data is being collected and stored. You will never have to enter sensible personal information, and you will never be asked for credit card information - if this site should require payments of any type, then those transactions will always be handled by trusted partners.

Privacy policy

If you create an account then some personal information needs to be stored in order to allow the community and social networking features to work properly. But even if you don't create an account, then some data may be stored in cookies so that we (and maybe also additional solution providers) will be able to deliver customized content. Please note that we are also using software that tracks and analyzes site and page accesses, which will allow us to further improve this site and its content.

Child protection

Creating an account on this site requires indicating your age. In compliance with the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you cannot have an account if you are less than 13 years old. You will have to indicate your country if you are less than 16 years old, which allows us to block access in certain EU countries if required by the GDPR.
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We invest a lot of time and energy in the development and the fine-tuning of our sites. Nonetheless it is impossible to guarantee perfection and there will always be mistakes, bugs and features that won't work as expected.