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The Jamplifier platform shall become a community of artists who do not wish to follow the rules, the norms, and the trends dictated by the media, by the masses, and by the music industry.
Jamplifier is a FREE community, there is no "premium" membership and you may discuss your ideas and share your work with all members of the platform.

the Community Blog (all members may post here)

Ready for launch!

7. october 2019, by jos

During the past two weeks, we fixed a few more things, and now we're finally ready to launch the platform.

There are still some glitches, and there are many things that haven't been implemented yet, but we think we now reached a stage where we should show all this to the public.

Enjoy the platform, read the book, and maybe even provide some feedback that may allow us to further improve everything.

Thanks for your patience 😀

– Jos

New FAQ page online

27. june 2019, by jos

We just added a new FAQ page, featuring quick answers to the most important questions, so that you'll easily understand what we're up to. The page shall be updated from time to time.

Meanwhile, we're preparing the official launch of the platform, this weekend we'll be working on the introduction video as well as on first introduction posts.

The Jamplifier's Manual is now available

21. june 2019, by jos

Our eBook – aka "The Jamplifier's Manual – How to become a Rock Star in the 21st Century" is now available worldwide for $9.99 on both the Amazon Store (Kindle) and on Apple iBooks.

The next steps will be to fix a few further details on the website, to create an introduction video, and finally to promote the entire platform.

Stay tuned...

The Jamplifier's Manual Chapter 1 now online in PDF format

1. june 2019, by jos

Within the past 2 months, I fixed tons of details on the website, and work on the Jamplifier's Manual is now almost complete.

Chapter 1 is now officially online, you may read it directly on the website, or you may download the PDF version.

Within the next two weeks, I will finalize some more stuff, and then the entire Manual will probably go online before the end of June, which means that the entire platform will also be publically released in the second half of the month.

Updates will follow soon...

Here we go!

7. april 2019, by jos

Today I finally unlocked a whole bunch of features on the platform, so that the official test phase may now begin. There are no users yet, but the signup screen has now been enabled, although I don't think that lots of people will currently find the site as there has been zero promotion so far.

A pre-release version of the Manual's first chapter is also online now, a final version will follow soon.

The entire platform is still quite a mess right now, and I hope I will be able to fix the most important things within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!