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the Manual

Learn how to become a successful artist on your own, by greatly improving your songwriting, production, and marketing skills.
Write insanely great songs, produce a killer album, and successfully promote, distribute, and sell your music.

A New Hope for DIY Musicians

The Jamplifier's Manual – How to become a Rock Star in the 21st Century – will help musicians to become successful artists in the age of piracy and streaming, even without the help of any record company.
  1. Introduction
    Learn what's wrong with today's music and today's music industry, and what you'll have to do in order to become a successful independent artist.
  2. Music Industry Madness
    Understand why the masses are no longer buying records, and what kind of people may become your future fans and customers.
  3. Masters Of The Past
    Learn about the greatest artists, songs, and albums since the 1950s. Understand why artists sold millions in the Golden Age, while they don't sell anything nowadays.
  4. Start Me Up
    Develop your own, unique sound and style, which will allow you to stand out of the masses and to get noticed by music lovers all over the world.
  5. Songwriting
    Learn how to greatly improve your songwriting skills, and how to write songs that will make people go crazy again, that will get noticed and remembered, and that will finally sell your album.
  6. Production
    Learn how to produce a so-called "killer album", an album that people will absolutely have to buy. Become a relevant artist by producing records that will be innovative or even revolutionary.
  7. Video
    Produce a unique and artistic low-cost video that will be different from all other videos out there, a video that will stand out and that may even go viral.
  8. Distribution
    Learn how to successfully distribute your music in all important formats (downloadable files, Compact Discs, vinyl LPs, streaming, ...)
  9. Promotion
    Build your own, professional website featuring a news feed and an online shop. Learn how to reach potential fans all over world using social networking, social media, and viral marketing.
  10. Fame & Cash
    Learn how to make money as an independent artist, and how to survive as a musician even if you don't have a record deal.
In the end, the Jamplifier's Manual is about becoming successful by producing music that will be relevant or even revolutionary again, while keeping your artistic freedom as you won't have to sell your soul to a record company.
Ready to change the world?
Chapter 1 is available for free, so you may read it right away!


Definitely not.
Those "get rich quick" books are usually quite short, they're behind a paywall (you'll only see what you get after you will pay), and the only ones who will indeed make some real money will be the authors of those books.
The Jamplifier's Manual, on the other side, is quite big (it's over 1,000 pages and I worked on it for more than 10 years), and the first chapter (out of 10) is available for free so that you can see what we're up to.
By reading this book you will learn a whole lot about both music itself and the music industry, and it will help you to greatly improve your songwriting, record production, and marketing skills. I'm quite sure that it will greatly improve your chances to make some serious progress as an independent artist, although I can't promise that you will get rich of course.
Read the Manual's Quick FAQ, which will answer that question.
Joining the community is free, and you may use all of the platform's features without ever having to buy anything.
The entire platform is based on and will center around the books' philosophy however, which means that it will be a great advantage to have read the book (or at least some parts of it).
Just read the book's first chapter (free), or read the book's FAQ at least, as this will be a good start.
Chapter 1 is available for free - you may read it online, you may download it in PDF format, or you download the ePub version that can be read on Kindle and iPad/iBooks.
The entire book is available for Amazon's Kindle and for Apple's iBooks.
I hope this answers some questions. Don't forget that further questions will be answered in the Manual's Quick FAQ and FAQ, and you may also find additional information on the website's FAQ page. Don't hesitate to join the community and to post in the forums if you have further questions or suggestions, or simply contact me (via my homepage or via e-mail).