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This is for the crazy ones...

Jamplifier is a community platform for musicians who are underdogs and who wish to become successful by making music that will not be mainstream.
It's a community of artists who won't follow the rules, the norms, and the trends dictated by the media, by the masses, and by the music industry.
Our goal is to empower independent artists and to help them to become successful on their own, without having to sell their souls to traditional record companies.
It doesn't matter what kind or genre of music you're into – all kinds of musicians are welcome, as long as your goal will be to make music that won't be irrelevant mainstream pop.
Jamplifier offers ...
  • A community (social network, forums, ...) for artists who are not mainstream.
  • The Jamplifier's Manual – an ebook that may help you to greatly improve your songwriting, production, and marketing skills.
  • Online tools that will help you to improve your own music.
  • Educational resources.
Jamplifier is FREE for all kinds of artists, and we'll keep it that way.

What's next?

Join the community and check out our tools and resources.
All the information you'll need is in the Jamplifier's Manual.
Start reading it now, and make your first step into a new world!
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read the manual
use the tools

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