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You can make a difference.
Become a successful artist by making better music and by greatly improving your skills as a musician, as a songwriter and as your own producer.
The biggest problems of today's music industry are the low quality of the music itself as well as the apparent lack of innovation on both the artists' and the record companies' sides. will help you to reach your goals by creating music that will be relevant and revolutionary again, by writing songs that will have a real impact and that will be remembered, as well as by producing killer albums that fans will love to buy.
  • Become a relevant artist
  • Develop your own unique style
  • Learn from the masters of the past
  • Create revolutionary music
  • Write great songs with hit potential
  • Produce a killer album that people will love to buy
  • Create outstanding videos
  • Promote and distribute your music
  • Understand why others fail
  • Do it all on your own
Read the Manifesto to understand the basic ideas behind the platform.
Read the Manual to learn how to become a relevant artist and how to write songs that will change the world.

What's next?

All the information you'll need is in the Jamplifier's manual.
Start reading now a make your first step into a new world!
check out the manifesto
read the manual
use the tools
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