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the Manual

Get the Jamplifier's Manual, the ebook that will teach you how to greatly improve your songwriting, production and marketing skills.
You may read or download chapter one for free!
The Jamplifier's Manual

How to become a Rock Star in the 21st Century

The incredible manual that teaches you how to become a successful artist on your own, by making better music.
  • Learn what's wrong with today's music, with today's artists, and with the music industry as a whole.
  • Understand the differences between chart pop crap and underground art.
  • Become a relevant artist by developing your own, unique sound and style.
  • Greatly improve your songwriting, learn how to write songs that will matter and how to produce killer albums that people will actually love to buy.
  • Produce a great and unique music video that will be remembered.
  • Become a successful independent artist by promoting your music all on your own.