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Jamplifier - 36 minutes ago
“This book will teach you how to become a relevant artist, how to write much better music, how to write awesome songs with hit potential, how to record a revolutionary killer album, and how to promote your records all on your own.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 1 (Introduction)
Jamplifier - 1 hour ago
Jamplifier - 4 hours ago
Songs you should definitely know...
A Change Is Gonna Come was released in 1964, and it never peaked the charts in the US or the UK. It is ranked #9 on theJamplifier's Best Songs Of All Timeslist and #12 on theRolling Stone's Best Songs Of All Timeslist.
#9on Jamplifier's Best Songs Of All Time list
#12on Rolling Stone's Best Songs Of All Time list
Jamplifier - today at 11:53
January 21
On this day, in music history...
"Killing Me Softly with His Song" is a song composed by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel.The song was written in collaboration with Lori Lieberman, who recorded the song in late 1971. In 1973 it became a number-one hit in the United States and Canada for Roberta Flack, also reaching number six in the UK Singles Chart. The song has been covered by many artists; the version by the Fugees won the 1997 Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.
Jamplifier - today at 10:43
“Really bad music often also sells quite well, as the so-called die-hard lemmings will buy even the worst crap on the market.”
Jamplifier - today at 9:28
Jamplifier - today at 8:40
“We will have to recreate the workflows that once led to the production of really great music.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 6 (Production)
Jamplifier - today at 8:09
January 21
On this day, in music history...
Jack Leroy Wilson Jr. (June 9, 1934 – January 21, 1984) was an African American soul singer and performer. A tenor with a four-octave range, Wilson was a prominent figure in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul. Wilson was considered a master showman, gaining the nickname "Mr. Excitement", and one of the most dynamic singers and performers in pop, R&B, and rock & roll history.Wilson gained initial fame as a member of the R&B vocal group Billy Ward and His Dominoes. He went solo in 19...
Jamplifier - today at 7:59
“No a&r executive will ever listen to all of the demos that artists will be sending.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 2 (Music Industry Madness)
Jamplifier - today at 7:38
“Even today’s best songs would only have been average class songs in the golden age.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 3 (Masters Of The Past)
Jamplifier - today at 6:52
“Producing and promoting irrelevant clones has been the music industry’s strategy over the past 20 years.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 4 (Start Me Up)
Jamplifier - today at 6:15
Jamplifier - last night at 4:10
“The lack of great songs featuring exciting new ideas is partly responsible for the fact that all music out there has become boring and irrelevant.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 5 (Songwriting)
Jamplifier - last night at 3:02
Artists you should definitely know...
Sir George Ivan Morrison OBE (born 31 August 1945), better known as Van Morrison, is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and record producer. His professional career began as a teenager in the late 1950s playing a variety of instruments including guitar, harmonica, keyboards and saxophone for various Irish showbands, covering the popular hits of that time. Van Morrison rose to prominence in the mid-1960s as the lead singer of the Northern Irish R&B band Them, with whom he recorde... [read more]
Van Morrison is ranked #34 on theJamplifier's Best Artists Of All Timeslist and #42 on theRolling Stone's Best Artists Of All Timeslist.
#34on Jamplifier's Best Artists Of All Time list
#42on Rolling Stone's Best Artists Of All Time list
Jamplifier - last night at 1:19
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
—Gandalf, Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring
Jamplifier - last night at 1:00
“Personally, i’d recommend not to over-compress, no matter what kind of music you make.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 6 (Production)
Jamplifier - yesterday at 23:20
“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
—Steve Jobs (co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.)
Jamplifier - yesterday at 22:54
“In the golden age, real artists released insanely great songs that made people go crazy all of the time, thus great music was omnipresent in the top 40, and many of those songs became classics or evergreens.”
The Jamplifier's Manual,
Chapter 1 (Introduction)
Jamplifier - yesterday at 22:36
“Signing a record deal with a larger company usually means selling your soul and giving up your artistic freedom.”
Jamplifier - yesterday at 21:52
“I’m just so out of the loop when it comes to pop music, because it all sounds the same. It’s all the same chord progressions with the same quirky chorus, or the same hiphop beat that took 21 people sitting in a room to come up with. It bores me.”
—Corey Taylor (Slipknot)