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Community and site rules

By using this website and by joining the community you will have to comply with the site rules.
Just be nice, that's all!

Site rules

A) We will not tolerate any obscene, pornographic, rasist, sexist, violent or any other objectionable or offensive behavior or content.

B) It is not allowed to post or store information altering the look and feel of the site, or to try to inject any obscure HTML or scripting code.

Violations of the site rules may first result in warnings. Repeated violations may result in a suspension of your account and in an expulsion from the community.

Community Rules

The community rules on jamplifier.com are quite simple: Everyone shall be treated with respect, and everyone should respect other people's work.

Updated on February 5, 2020 - every site member may make suggestions on how to improve the community rules!

1) Content, copyrights & trademarks

  • 1.1) Don't write or publish anything nasty or obscene.
  • 1.2) Only publish texts and works you've created entirely by yourself, except if their license permits publishing on this site (public domain, creative commons or other specific licenses).
  • 1.3) Don't use trademarks or other copyrighted logos in your texts or works.
  • 1.4) No SPAM, SCAM or anything similar, please ...

2) Friends & messages

  • 2.1) Ask people for friendship only if you know them.
  • 2.2) If you want to contact people personally, then please use personal messages instead of posting on the microblog (remember that microblog messages can be read by all of your friends).

3) Behavior

  • 3.1) You can only have one (1) user account.
  • 3.2) It is not allowed to create fake users.
  • 3.3) Be nice with other people, no trolls or flame wars please.
  • 3.4) Never attack persons or groups in any way.
  • 3.5) Don't use this site to publish your political views.
  • 3.6) No intolerant posts about nationalities, colors, ethnic groups, males/females, religions or sexual preferences.
  • 3.7) Racism, mobbing, pro-violence or pro-suicide posts are strictly prohibited and may get you kicked out of the community instantly.
  • 3.8) If someone attacks you personally, don't fight back, it's always better to report the issue.

4) Privacy

  • 4.1) Never publish personal information about another user.
  • 4.2) Do not post more personal information about yourself than necessary.

What to do if you've been kicked out of the community

Nobody will be kicked out without any good reason. If you've been kicked out and you think it's a mistake then please send us an e-mail. After this you'll have to be patient, we'll try to check your case as soon as possible.

Never open a new account if you've been kicked out, if we notice this you'll be instantly blocked.