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The database

Our database contains a list of artists, albums and songs considered to be among the greatest of all times.
It has originally been inspired by the Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 lists, although it has evoled a lot since then.
Our top songs list contains songs that match the following criteria:
  1. Songs that are considered to be among the best songs of all time.
  2. Songs that had a huge impact, either on the music scene or on society.
  3. Songs that are evergreens, which means that people still know them 20, 30 or 40 years after they have been released.
Please note that we discarded songs that are considered to be really bad music, even if they are being remembered.
Also remember that there is a general consensus about what music is great and what's not, even if opinions about absolute positions of specific entries may vary among critics.
Don't get mad if some of your favourite artists or songs cannot be found here. Note that you may also send suggestions for new entries as well.