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Mix & Master

Only 202 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

This manual is not a book that will teach you how to mix your record. Mixing is an art, and it’s impossible to teach you how a create a great mix on just a few pages. Creating a great mix requires a lot of talent, knowledge, and experience – you can’t learn everything in only a couple of days.

If you have never mixed a record, then you will probably need to get some help. If you’re not the proud owner of a fully equipped project studio with a sound optimized control room and both great large and small (nearfield) monitors, then in most cases you will have to either book a project studio, or a big professional studio where you’ll have an engineer with years of experience who will be taking care of your mix.

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This page of the Jamplifier's e-book is not ready yet.
You may have to wait a few more days to read it...
Please remember that the entire manual will only become available in mid 2018.
Thank you!
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