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Rule #1: Song structure

The song structure rule is identical to the one we defined for standard songs, which means that the most common structures will be VCVCBCC, CVCVCBCC, and VCVCAA again. As always, rules are meant to be broken, so you may also do something very different as long as it works out. Good examples for unconventional famous slow song structures include The Beatles’ Hey Jude, or Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven for example, or even Pantera’s This Love or Hollow which mix the conventional sound of a slow with quite heavy distorted riffs. Much more important than the song structure will be the overall atmosphere and the feeling of the song (see rule #3), which means that you finally should adapt the song structure to whatever makes the atmosphere and the feeling work out best. In most cases slow songs will follow the traditional VCVCBCC structure, the one you should know by now:

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