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Start Me Up

Only 381 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.
–Bob Dylan

After three chapters of education you’re now finally ready to get started. But it’s too early to start the songwriting process yet, as you probably still miss one key element that will be required on your road to success, and that’s your own uniqueness.

You will have to become UNIQUE before you can become RELEVANT by writing music that will be REVOLUTIONARY.

But be careful – you must have understood the message(s) of the previous chapters in order to fully understand what needs to be done here. If your brainwash is not yet complete, then return to the previous chapters please.

Do not start reading this chapter unless you have read the first three chapters of this manual!

In this chapter you will learn about setting up your project*, selecting a genre and / or subgenre, defining your own style and sound, choosing a name and creating a logo, plus a whole lot of other things.

This chapter is about discovering and / or designing your own IDENTITY. Never underestimate the importance of defining your own, unique SOUND and STYLE.

*) From now on you (as a solo artist) or your band will be called a “project”, which will make things easier as I won’t have to write “you or your band…” all of the time. In the end your project consists of your name and your identity, as well as of the people involved, your records, your website, your merchandise, your live shows, and everything else. Think of it as something like a small business, because that’s what it will be.

The master plan

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.
–Jimi Hendrix

Let’s quickly recap our strategy (or our “master plan” if you want), based on what you learned in the previous three chapters:

You will try to become successful by making better music.

Following this strategy means two things:

  1. You will not follow current trends.
  2. You will not follow the rules enforced by the music industry.

So you will paddle against the stream.

In the end this means that you will have to make it on your own as you can’t count on the support of record companies, and this again means that you will need as much help and information as possible. This is probably why you’re reading this manual right now. In case you forgot why you’ll have to paddle against the stream (or worse, if you didn’t read the first three chapters at all), then it might be a good idea to revise the first chapters of this manual. In order to make better music, you will first have to get educated and to re-discover the Golden Age Of Popular Music. You will need to honor the Masters Of The Past, and your goal should be to aim for the quality music had well before the 2000s. Which does not mean that you will have to sound like a 1960s artist, it only means one thing:

You will not produce crap.

To finally become successful with all of this, you will need exactly five things (as seen in chapter 1.2):

  1. An own, authentic sound and style.
  2. One really great song (more than one would be a huge bonus of course).
  3. A killer album.
  4. A unique video.
  5. Some innovative marketing.

In this current chapter we will start with point 1, by working on your own, unique sound and style.

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