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Stand out of the masses

So why is it so important to work on your own style and sound? Well, as I told you before, it will be important to be radically different from everything else out there.

If you want to get noticed by people outside of your community, then you will have to STAND OUT OF THE MASSES.

And people outside of your own community will have to notice you, as you will need fans all over the world if you want to become really successful. You will need to sell records to a whole lot of people, mostly to people you don’t personally know. But it’s not only about getting noticed, it’s also about being an artist.

An artist who doesn’t do something radically different is more or less IRRELEVANT.

If you really want to be an artist, then try to make a dent by creating something outstanding or even revolutionary.

Artists can’t be boring, they can’t be standard.

The question is, will you be the next Picasso, or just someone painting by numbers?

You will have to work on your own identity in order to become something special.

But you will also have to be careful when working on this matter, as this can go terribly wrong if you’re trying to be someone or something you just can’t be.

The most important thing will be to

  1. remain AUTHENTIC, as remaining authentic means that
  2. you will be CREDIBLE.

Don’t try to turn yourself into something you’re not. Don’t try to become something you wouldn’t like to be.

And, most importantly, don’t try to become a clone of your own favourite artist.

Nobody needs a cheap clone of something great if you can have the original – well, record companies may be looking for something like that, but we want to avoid going down that road, right? The goal will be to amplify your strengths and to get rid of (or to hide) your weaknesses.

Find out what makes you SPECIAL, and work on those elements.

Take a moment, think of your strengths, think of what makes you special or different. Take a piece of paper and note down your ideas, or use a whiteboard. If you’re a band, then discuss this with your band members. Allow everyone to write down his or her thoughts, and then discuss all of it. In what directions will you want to head in future? If you’re a solo artist, then ask friends or other musicians to help you with this. Because the problem with all of this is that amplifying your strengths by 10 or 20 percent will not be enough, as you will then still be just some ripple in the ocean. In order to get noticed, you will have to do a lot more – especially nowadays, when there are thousands of people trying to become successful on YouTube for example. So in the end 10 or 20 percent won’t be enough.

You will have to perform at least TEN TIMES BETTER than any other amateur artist out there.

This may still sound impossible right now, but you’ll soon learn how this can achieved. If your plan will be to make great music, then a new haircut and a cool outfit alone cannot be the solution, you will need a lot more than that. Maybe you should even forget about your new haircut all the way. And don’t believe that you’re special and unique already, because that’s what all amateur artists think, and in the end they are all the same. You cannot remain on that level. Your greatest advantage at this moment is that you are still in control. Many artists who get signed by a record company quickly get forced into some scheme. Even if they believe that they still have artistic control, they’re just part of the machinery that turns them into nothing but an irrelevant commercial product. And believe me, your record company will get you that new haircut.

As of now, you still have the power to decide what your own future will be.

Use it.

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