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What? Planning my style? Is that an artistic approach?

What I learned from architectural drafting is that everything has to have a plan to work. You just can’t wing it. I can’t get all the materials I need for a house and just start building. Whether it’s a career, family, life - you have to plan it out.
– Ice Cube

If you talk about planning or designing your own style or sound, then most people will tell you that this is not an artistic approach, and this is not how artists work. Only companies will design their identity, but not artists. The problem with this idea is that it’s simply not true. If you take a look at all of those great artists we met in chapter 3 – at all of the Masters Of The Past – then you’ll notice that they all had their own, very unique sound and style. This just didn’t happen by chance.

Almost all of them had managers or mentors that moulded them and helped them to find their identity. All of them had producers working with them in the studio to create their own unique sound.

Just like the Beatles had Brian Epstein and Eminem had Dr. Dre, all of them had mentors and people who helped them to become what they are (or have been). People who gave them advice and who guided them, who criticized them, who helped them taking the right decisions and moving into the right direction.

As said many times before, most great artists didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, without having a plan.

Some artists need more help, others learn quickly how to do it on their own. Some are following a plan without even knowing, others will take care of every single detail of their career. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it on your own, or if you have someone else who will guide you, but you’ll need some kind of a strategy if you ever want to make it. In your case you’ll probably have to do it on your own, as chances that some great manager or producer will discover you within the next few weeks are quite low. And remember that your buddy next door cannot be your manager, he’s just some guy helping you out with some stuff.

You will either need professional advice, or you will have to get educated and to start taking things into your own hands.

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