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Your killer album

Only 327 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Single (usually 1 track, 3-5 mins)

A single is usually just one song. In ancient times, 7” singles included 2 songs (A-side and B-side), but talking about A / B sides doesn’t make much sense nowadays. In the early days of the Compact Disc, single sales quickly decreased, as the 3” CD was highly unpopular while 12” CD single production costs were almost as high as album production costs (which was not a problem for the music industry back then, as album sales roared at the same time).

If you’re not a well-established artist yet, then you’ll offer your single in download format only.

And even if you’re a successful artist already, then it won’t make much sense to release your single in physical format anymore. If you’re doing an album, then you may release your best song as a downloadable single a few weeks before the actual album comes out, along with the maximum possible air play and promo. This is not always easy for beginners, and if done badly it may also cannibalize your album sales (and that’s something you don’t want). Again:

Producing a physical single (CD or vinyl) doesn’t make much sense anymore. Always remember that music lovers are album buyers, while the masses mostly buy singles, or no music at all. This means that the single will not be as relevant to you, as your plan will be to make good or even great music.

You should have understood that by now.

What will make sense is creating a VIDEO for your single and releasing it on YouTube, as this will be your most important marketing tool if you want to promote your album.

In chapter 7 you will learn how to create and to promote your video single. The goal, however, will be to convince people to buy your album, and not just one song.

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