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Sound & style

Only 362 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Popular genres

We are Motörhead and we play rock ’n’ roll.
– Lemmy Kilmister

Here’s a short list of the most popular genres, the ones I will also be using on It will be a great advantage if one of those will basically describe the music you’re doing, as this will help people to quickly know if you fit their taste or not. It is important to say that genre has to do with taste, which means that most people will like certain genres, while they may not like or even dislike others. As mentioned numerous times already, this has nothing to do with quality, and you’ll find good and bad music in every genre. Here’s the list:

  • Alternative
  • Avant-garde
  • Blues
  • Caribbean
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Easy Listening
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Garage
  • Gospel
  • Gothic
  • Grunge
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • Indie
  • Industrial
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Lo-Fi
  • Pop
  • Progressive
  • Punk
  • Psychedelic
  • R&B
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Rock ’N’ Roll
  • Soul
  • Trip Hop
  • Vocal

As mentioned above, it will be very helpful if you will be able to pick one of those as a more or less correct description of the music you’re doing.

Doing music that spans over two or maybe even three genres may render your music more interesting and more unique.

At the same time, your possible audience may become larger as you may attract people that like those other genres too. Picking more than three genres at once, however, may render your music undefined, which may even result in a smaller audience again.

If your vision is too complex, then chances are high that nobody will understand it. Doing everything at a time will be like doing nothing at all.

If you absolutely want to do every possible genre as an artist, then start with a mix of not more than three genres, and try out new stuff with every new album. This will keep at least each of your albums consistent, while people may still see you as a great versatile artist. Think of Beck, who has done a large number of very different albums – he tried out almost every genre, but nonetheless all of his albums as well as his career as a whole are absolutely consistent.

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