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Studio project / producer

If none of the above applies to you, then you may still become something like a studio project. In this case you will be more or less a solo producer, creating your own music in your home or project studio. This may be the case if you don’t have the time to rehearse with a band or to perform live, or if you just want to be a songwriter doing everything on your own for example. You may either do everything on your own, or you may work with guest musicians who will be performing vocals or playing instruments on your tracks. Even bands such as The Prodigy could be considered to be studio projects – Liam Howlett is writing the songs and playing / programming the synths, while frontmen Keith Flint and Maxim are performing most (but not all) vocals. When performing live, the music is mostly playback (would be quite difficult do to this differently, so that’s absolutely okay), with additional live drums and guitars, plus live vocals.

This is also what many amateur musicians are doing, sitting in front of their computers and playing around with their DAWs. Some of them just want to do it on their own, for others it’s the only option as they just don’t have much time because of family and work. Most of the music produced this way is either very amateurish and / or really bad, and most people doing this never manage to finish anything like an album.

But I don’t believe this has to be the case, and if you create really good songs and albums, then your pure studio project can be just as successful as any other band, duo, or singer-songwriter out there. Even if you will never perform live, you will still have YouTube and social networking that will allow you to spread your music all over the planet. The only problem is that most amateur musicians don’t try hard enough. They keep the bar low, because they don’t believe it can be done. But I’m 100% sure that you will be able to become very, very successful if you start producing really great music at home.

If you produce something really great, then there will always be people buying it, even if you will never perform live on stage.

I strongly believe that a project like this can become a success, and this is also what I’m working on at the moment. I have a job, I have a family, I’m developing software, I manage web platforms, I’m just re-building my project studio, and now I’m even writing a book. I just don’t have time to play in a band or to rehearse with other people, so I work on my own solo projects in my own project studio. Everything’s progressing quite slowly as I’m not really focused on this (because of all of the other stuff I’m doing), but nevertheless I’m progressing a bit and I hope that I will be able to release an album that doesn’t completely suck, hopefully within the next few years.

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