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Only 487 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Do you really want to become famous?

Of course you’re dreaming of becoming famous and rich with your music. Who doesn’t? Topping the charts and playing gigs in stadiums. That’s what you’re up to.

But before you start heading into that direction, you should first think about the implications and the possible consequences for a minute. The image the music industry is selling just isn’t the real deal. Or do you really believe that all of today’s stars will be rich and live happily forever?

Becoming famous doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also become rich or even happy.

Maybe you will, but usually just for a short period of time. Fame and cash will disappear as quickly as they’ve arrived, especially if you’ll adopt a lifestyle that will be very expensive. You’ll probably forget to save at least 50% of your income to cover future bills and taxes, and you’ll trust some suspicious friend who will help you to invest money you’ll never see again.

Do you really envy some of today’s stars in their glamorous videos with all of those big cars, fat gold watches, and ass shaking babes dancing around them? You really shouldn’t. Finish school, get a decent job, work hard and in 15 or 20 years you’ll be able to hire those guys to sing at your kid’s birthday party. You’ll laugh at them while your kids be the throwing things at them, and they’ll be doing everything for you as they’ll desperately need your money to buy their next dose of heroine or crack.

Of course there are artists who manage to get famous and rich, to stay in the business and to overcome the darker periods in their careers. They are rare, but they usually have one thing in common:

They were no puppets in this industry, and they know how to manage things by themselves.

So one thing you don’t want to become is a “puppet”.

That kind of clueless entertainer who doesn’t know how to write music, how to write lyrics, how to produce a record, how to perform, or how this entire business works.

The kind of guy or girl with a fake biography who only comes to the studio for an hour to sing a song the producer has selected for him or her. With Auto-Tune set to the limits to make sure people won’t notice he or she can’t even sing, as the artist has probably only been chosen for his looks that are attracting 13 year olds.

Those guys (or girls, or bands) are expandable. They become boring after a while, and then they get dumped. After a few years at best, their savings won’t even cover their expenses for alcohol, dope and heroin, and there won’t be any place left for them in the music business.

They can’t be managers, executives, songwriters, producers, or engineers, some of them can’t even become cable guys as they don’t have the slightest idea about how things have to be done. Some of those artists try go get a regular job after their career has ended, others will be performing their one single hit in bars, in grocery stores, and on Christmas fairs for the rest of their lives.

You don’t want to become one of those losers, so make sure you learn as much as you can, do something useful with your money, and take control of your life and your music.

There’s only a very small percentage of the artists you’ll currently see in the charts that will manage to become rich and / or happy, and to keep it that way.

Remember that you don’t need to become famous in order to get rich. It is in fact very hard to get rich with music at all – at least if you’re a normal artist and not some superstar, some big producer, or some music industry boss. If making some serious money is all that you’re after, then study hard, get a good (or even an excellent) job, or even play the lottery.

Becoming a musician shouldn’t be your masterplan, unless you have a vision, a strategy, as well as the strong desire to create a great product.

Great ideas and good strategies in combination with a minimum of talent often lead to great products.

Great products usually sell well, and will thus bring in some real cash.

That should be the plan.

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