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Only 617 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

What you will have to do

If you intend to become successful by making great music, then you should read this manual of course. And it won’t be enough to read only a few pages or chapters.


The reason for this is quite simple – today’s artists aren’t as successful as the artists of the past anymore, and people aren’t buying a lot of records anymore. Music industry experts will tell you that all of this is the result of piracy and the rise of the internet, but you’ll soon learn that this is completely wrong.

In this book we will analyze the real causes of the music industry’s problems, and this will help us to develop a strategy that will allow you to become successful with your own music.

All of this will only work if you really understand what has to be done, and this will only happen if you read everything.

This manual is quite big – it’s over 1,000 pages – and reading it will take some time. If you really want to become successful and if you really want to understand what has to be done, then you may even have to read it more than once, or you will at least have to re-read some of its chapters or subchapters. Education is important. Learn as much as you can.

By reading this manual you may save a lot of time later on, as it will help you to avoid making all of those stupid mistakes other amateur artists – and even many professionals – are making.

It shall also help you to become a much better artist and to make considerable progress, things that would usually take much more time than you’ll ever lose by just reading this book.

So again – take the time and read the entire book, and don’t dare to leave out pages, subchapters, or even entire chapters.

It may feel tempting to skip the first three educational chapters, but doing so would be a terrible mistake, as those are the ones that will not only teach you what has to be done, but also why things have to be done in a certain way.

Don’t forget that you will first need to learn the rules if you want to bend or even to break them later on.

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