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Only 571 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

The first thing you’ll need to understand is that becoming successful may be easier than you think, and that it can be learned. This is true for any kind of business and anything in life, and it’s also true if you’re making music. Most people will tell you that in order to becom successful, you just need to work really, really hard, and that you’ll also need a lot of luck. But that’s completely wrong.

In order to be successful, you need to take the right decisions, and you need to do the right things.

Spending a lot of time doing the wrong things will lead you into the wrong direction, which means that working really hard may be a very bad strategy if you’re completely off track. So the first thing you’ll need to learn is how to change the way you’re thinking about a whole lot of things.

It's (almost) easy

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.
–Arnold H. Glasow (publisher)

Unlike many people (maybe including music industry experts) may have told you already, becoming successful is not that difficult. In fact it’s quite the opposite, if – and only if – you will be taking the right decisions. You may have to invest some time, energy and money in order to achieve your goals, but it will not be as hard as you may think. If you take the wrong decisions, however, then you will never become successful, no matter how much time and energy you’ll invest into your future career.

WHAT you do will be more important than HOW MUCH you will do. Most people simply fail because their PLAN IS WRONG.

The biggest problem is that most musicians continue with the same strategy even if it didn’t work for them in the past. They’re following recommendations by friends who aren’t successful either, and they rely on common beliefs that are completely wrong. Or they believe what so-called “experts” are saying, which leaves them with no viable strategy at all.

Becoming successful will be (almost) easy if your plan is good, and if you’re focusing on the things you’ll really need to work on.

So let’s take a look at our master plan once more, as seen in subchapter 1.2.

Remember the five things you’ll need:

  1. An own, unique and authentic style.
  2. One really great song.
  3. A killer album.
  4. A great video.
  5. Some innovative marketing.

And you shouldn’t forget that you will also have to worry a lot about your music’s quality, as seen in the previous subchapter. The problem most amateur musicians have is that they completely fail at all of those five points. But even if you fail at only one of them, then your chances to become successful will be almost zero. So those are the points you need to get right, and if you manage to achieve this, then your chances to become successful will become a zillion times higher. Consider this to be an updated version of the strategy that allowed the Masters Of The Past to produce some of the greatest music in the Golden Age if you want. At this moment you may notice a huge advantage you currently have: As mentioned a few times already, the overall quality of popular music is very low at the moment, which means that it will not be that hard to produce something superior if you’ve got a minimum of talent, if you’re really serious about it, and if you do a good job.

If your plan will be to write a great hit song (a high quality song that has hit potential at the same time), then you will be THE ONLY ONE coming up with such a product.

Other artists will either do high quality music almost nobody will ever take notice of, or they will produce chart compatible crap.

But nobody’s currently making music that fulfills BOTH criteria at the same time: Music that’s really good AND that will make people go crazy. There are no great songs with hit potential anymore. If you manage to write only one such song, then you will ALREADY HAVE WON, as you will be THE ONLY PLAYER in that league.

You will have a unique product. In every genre there are tons of people looking for great music that really rocks. This is what everybody has been waiting for during the past 20 years.

You will be the only one to deliver such a product.

But before you can start writing your new killer songs, you’ll have to continue learning how things work, so please be patient. Knowing about the secrets of the music industry will considerably reduce the amount of time and work you’ll have to invest, and it will lower the risk of a complete failure. For the moment, just remember that success has to do nothing (or at least very little) with luck.

Being successful is a way of life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager, a banker or an artist, you have to know the secrets of the business you’re in, and you need to learn the rules.

If you know the rules, then you may even be able to bend or to break them, which is the best starting point if you want to create something new, innovative, or even revolutionary.

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