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The secret of success

Only 592 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

3. Record a killer album

The goal of this manual will be to allow you to produce a killer album that music lovers will adore and that you can really be proud of. Some so-called experts claim that albums are outdated and don’t sell anymore. Today’s music is short-lived, and thus it’s better for artists to only release a single every few months. That may be true for most of today’s Top 40 clowns, but as soon as you want to do good (or even great) music, you will want to produce albums.


There are two major reasons to make an album:

  1. The album gives you a lot a freedom to do songs that don’t have to fit the norms. Albums allow the musician to be a real artist and not only a pure entertainer, and therefore albums are for music lovers, while singles are for the masses.
  2. Selling one album will mean about 10 times more cash than selling one single. You will need to sell 10,000 singles to earn as much as by selling 1,000 albums. Later on we will do the math and you will learn that you can earn more money by selling albums to music lovers than by selling singles to the masses.

Luckily people who like good music are more likely to buy albums, while people who just consume crap primarily buy singles or don’t buy music at all. So chances to make some money will be way higher by producing a great album than by releasing a chart compatible single. But this strategy will only work if your album will be a success of course.

So what shall you put onto your album in order to make it successful? Well, you will need a “hit song” or a “signature song” if you want to sell your album, as it’s no secret that albums only sell if they contain at least one song that will make people go crazy.

Of course there are artists selling tons of albums that do not contain anything like this, but in this case we talk about artists who had hits in the past, so they now have a large and loyal fan base already, and they can sell just anything. You’re probably not in such a strong position yet.

And then there are artists such as Joe Bonamassa of course, who are just virtuosos who make good music without ever needing anything like a real hit. This, of course, will only work for very, very few highly talented artists though, and chances that you’re among those are quite small, which means that you should stick with a strategy focusing on hit and signature songs. And you also shouldn’t forget that such records will not lead to any kind of innovation or even revolution.

Finally there have also been artists who developed a sound so different and so disruptive that they sparked the development of entirely new styles and genres, and thus they didn’t need any hits to gain worldwide attention – just think of Germany band Einstürzende Neubauten in the 1980s for example. But achieving something like this will be very, very difficult, and only very few artists ever managed to make it that way. So maybe it will be a good idea to stick with the hit song strategy in most cases.

But having one single hit or signature song on your album will not be enough, as you will want to produce a real killer album. Writing a killer album means that you will not only have at least one killer song (two or three is always better than one), but you need to turn all songs on your album into something very special.

Most amateur artist’s albums not only lack outstanding songs, in fact all of their songs sound more or less the same, and they’re all more or less irrelevant. If you want to become successful, then you cannot produce an album that’s boring or irrelevant.


So the goal will be to produce an album that will be outstanding, that will contain great music you can be really proud of, that features only interesting and unique songs as well as a few killer tracks that will make people freak out and buy it like crazy.

Usually people expect albums to contain only a single hit song plus a bunch of boring and irrelevant fillers, and that’s one of the reasons why many people don’t buy albums anymore. That’s the case with most albums by Top 40 clowns, but that’s not the road you shall take.

Of course all of this sounds absolutely impossible right now, but it can be done. All you need to know is in this manual, so please read on.

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