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Chapter 7: Video

It doesn’t make sense to produce the greatest album on Earth if nobody will ever know about it.

Therefore you’ll need to spread the word about it, and the easiest way to let the entire planet know about your insanely great new record is social marketing, which means that people will like, share, and retweet the news about your record. All of this will only be possible if you have a really innovative and unique video, that people will love to share with all of their friends.

In chapter 7 you will therefore learn how to develop and how to produce an outstanding VIDEO, requiring only a very small budget.

While your video can be cheap, it cannot look cheap, or even feel cheap. As always, great ideas will be more important than big budgets.

99% of all amateur videos suck, they are completely irrelevant, and thus they do not spark album sales. Your video will need to be very special, it will need to stand out of the masses and it will need to make your fans go crazy.

And in this chapter you will learn how this can be achieved. You will also learn about stories, storyboards, scripts, shot lists, locations, sets, equipment, shooting techniques, editing, post-production, effects, chroma key compositing, and much, much more. Read this chapter even if you plan to work with other people who will shoot your video, as you will want to know what has to be done here. You can’t afford to let other people produce a video that won’t be a killer.

And don’t think that you won’t need a video, as it will be IMPOSSIBLE to promote your own record if you don’t have one. If you can’t come up with a great video, then recording your entire album will just be a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

99% of all artists completely fail when it comes to creating a great video that shall attract the attention of real music lovers, and this is why you will have to make sure that your video will be outstanding, different, and unique.

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