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Chapter 6: Production & Studio

In chapter 6 you will learn everything you need to know about music production.

"Recording” and “production” are two very different beasts.

Recording is the easy part by the way. Production means that you will take the steps required to turn your songs into real killers when you will be recording them.

You will learn about the little secrets that will turn your amateur record into a professional KILLER ALBUM. You will learn what’s wrong with today’s recording and production techniques, and you will learn how to produce a record honoring the spirit of the Golden Age.

You will learn about the role of the producer, which often makes up the difference between an amateur and a pro record. And you’ll learn how you may make it all on your own, without having to pay top notch producers and engineers. You will also learn about the differences between home, project, and professional recording studios, you will learn how you may start your own home or project studio, and how to record your songs on your own. Chapter 6 covers everything from recording studio history over recording techniques to mixing and mastering. And, finally, it also helps to create an album cover and a booklet that really make a difference.

Read this chapter even if you do not plan to record on your own.

You need to understand the basic concepts and ideas in order to take the right decisions once you will be recording, even if you will record everything in a professional studio and if you will be assisted by a professional engineer. In other words:

You will need to read this chapter if you really want to end up with the killer album you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

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