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Today's music sucks

Only 585 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Or maybe you're just too old or too conservative to appreciate new music?

If you don’t like today’s music, then there will always be people who will tell you that you’re probably just too old, or that you must be a quite old fashioned person. Some people seem to think that liking everything new will make you a "modern” person, while preferring old stuff will make you “conservative”. Some people think that open-minded people always like everything new, while only conservative people admire things from the past.

But that’s bullshit again. Take the President of the United States for example. Donald Trump is “new”, but does that make him “modern” or “good” in any way? Are Donald Trump’s supporters really “modern” or “open-minded”, just because he’s “new"? And are the people who still admire presidents such as Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter or John F. Kennedy "conservative”, just because they prefer previous presidents?

Is McDonald’s current breakfast menu really better than a traditional self-made salad, just because it’s “new"? Are McDonald’s customers really “open-minded” people, while those who prepare their own food are all uncool, stupid and “conservative"? Are the prequels really better than the original Star Wars trilogy, just because they use tons of “new” and “modern” CGI effects? I think you get the point.

Quality has nothing to do with something being “old” or “new”.

Jimi Hendrix was revolutionary at the time, because he invented new ways of making music. Justin Bieber’s music, however, is absolutely conservative, as it strictly follows trends and pre-defined rules. Pre-2000s music was revolutionary, because artists re-invented themselves all of the time. Today’s music is conservative, as today’s artists are following trends and they are simply replicating what others created a long time ago.

You will soon learn that open-minded people often prefer the music from the past, while those who prefer today’s music are usually either way more conservative, or less educated (or both).

This may sound surprising at this point, and the reasons for this strange fact will be analyzed in chapter 2.

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