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Only 604 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Will I have to sound like Katy Perry or Justin Bieber then?

In the mid-1980s to the early 1990s I was writing songs not because I particularly liked what I was doing, but because I was desperately trying to get back into the charts. I really didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t like the music I was making, I wasn’t proud of it, like I have been before or since.
–Gary Numan

Luckily, the answer is a clear “NO”. Some artists think you will need to make music for the masses if you want to become successful, and hence they try to sound like all of the stuff in the charts. Later on in this manual you will learn that copying and imitating is acceptable, sometimes even desirable.

But if you copy, then copy from the “Masters Of The Past”, from the greatest artists of all time – and not from today’s Top 40 clowns.

If you make music for the masses, then you will have to compete with a very large, powerful and closed community of entertainers and producers. Musicians making music for the masses can be found everywhere, they all sound more or less the same, and that makes them expandable. If you become part of this system, then you will either be ignored, or you will be used and then you will probably be dumped at a certain point of time. You will not be different, and this will make it easy to replace you. If you want to become successful, then I recommend doing quite the opposite: 

Try to stand out of the masses, make a difference by being different.

Find or create a niche by defining your own unique style and sound, and try to be the best in that niche. Create a loyal fanbase of thinking people, and the masses will follow.

There are leaders and followers in every population, and you will have to go for the leaders first. And open-minded leaders usually don’t like mainstream crap.

The secrets of this approach will be revealed in chapter 2 by the way.

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