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Only 605 pages left on your journey to becoming a rock star!

Will I have to play rock music?

I am a lover of all sorts of different music. I love blues and every piece of music that I have listened to has become an influence.
–David Gilmour

Music quality has nothing to do with genre.

No matter if you’re doing rock, pop, folk, funk, disco, hip hop, soul, blues, hard rock, heavy metal, industrial, punk, or any other genre, the rules will always be the same. And yes, the basic rules for disco music are the same as those for death metal, even if you may not believe this yet. You will learn about this very soon, and once you’ll understand the magic rules of successful music, you will be able to succeed.

There is good music and there is bad music in every genre.

And 99% of all music in every genre is crap. This has always been the case, even in the days of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, and this will never change. Stick with your favourite genre and become a great artist, playing the music you like most. That’s the plan. Following this manual doesn’t mean that you will have to sound like a 1960s or 70s band, or that you can’t use synthesizers, samples, or computers. Embrace technology. Embrace everything new and useful. But try to do it in an artistic way. Again:

This manual shall help you to make much better music and to become more successful, no matter what kind of music you’re doing.

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