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the Manual

The incredible manual that teaches you how to become a successful artist on your own, by making better music.
Bring back the glory of the golden age of music: write great songs, produce a killer album and successfully promote, distribute and sell your music.
Write great songs
Produce a killer album
Start your project and define your own style
Learn from the masters of the past
Understand the music business
Promote & sell your music
Do it all by yourself
Create a great video
Half of the manual is FREE, including the chapter about how to write hit songs and killer albums.
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All the information you'll ever need is in the Jamplifier's Manual!

What you get

This manual is the result of years of research. It not only analyzes the current problems of the music industry (and offers solutions to solve them), it also offers step by step instructions on…

  • how to develop your own, unique sound and style,
  • how to greatly improve your songwriting,
  • how to record a relevant killer album that people will actually love to buy, and
  • how to successfully distribute and promote it.

The idea behind this manual is to empower musicians and thus to allow them to become great and relevant artists. If you want to become successful, then you will not only need to understand how things in this business have to be done, you will also need to understand the differences between good and bad art. And there are differences, indeed.

You will need to learn how to produce records that people will actually LOVE TO BUY.

This is what this manual is all about. So what’s our starting point? Well, the first important thing to understand is that all kinds of music industry execs and experts have been lying to us since the early 2000s, and their claims are the foundation of what today’s artists, record company execs, and even consumers think is true. Their misinterpretation of the facts leads to solutions and strategies that are completely unusable.

You’ll soon understand why those so-called experts are all wrong, and this knowledge will help you to make a huge leap forward. Never believe what any kind of expert will be telling you by the way. Always use your brain, analyze everything, and come to your own conclusions. Following the recommendations of the average expert will never allow you to change the world.

But let’s return to the basic problems for a moment, or to the symptoms of the underlying problems if you want. The music industry is in big trouble indeed, to a degree that people don’t pay for music anymore, that artists no longer earn much money by selling records, and that many (if not most) traditional record companies could even completely vanish in future. At the same time fans are frustrated because of low quality music and exorbitant concert ticket prices.

While the music industry wants us the believe that the internet and piracy are the causes of those problems, you will soon learn that this is not true at all. Piracy existed since the popularization of the music cassette in the 1960s, and the internet could even have been an huge opportunity for the entire industry.


Instead of blaming external factors such as the internet, we’d better analyze what’s wrong with the music industry’s product, which is music itself. What really changed in the past few decades is the QUALITY OF MUSIC, which is at an all-time low today.

Ready to change the world?

Half of the manual is FREE, including the chapter about how to write hit songs and killer albums.
Support the project and get the remaining 5 chapters for only $14.99 • €12.99 • £9.99.

Part I:

Get educated

Music Industry Madness
Understanding the music business
Masters Of The Past
A brief history of popular music

Part II:

Rise and shine

Start Me Up
Defining your own unique style
How to write great songs and killer albums
$14.99 €12.99 £9.99
How to record a relevant album

Part III:

Promote & sell

How to produce an outstanding video
Make your music available on a global scale
Let the world know about your project
Fame And Cash
Learn how to make money with your own music
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