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the Manifesto

Today's music is short-lived and irrelevant.
It's time for a revolution. Start making great music again and change the world into a better place!
The Jamplifier's Manifesto For A Better World Of Music
The music industry is in big trouble as people don't spend a lot of money on music anymore. But the problem isn't piracy or the internet.
The single huge problem is the quality of today's music.
This is what needs to be changed. It's all in your hands.
Start making great music again!
I shall ...
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I will create art and won't produce crap.
I'll write songs for music lovers, not for the masses.
I'll try to find the balance between art and entertainment.
I'll try to write music that's better than anything out there.
I will aim to reach a new level as an artist.
I want to bring good music back to life.
I will not produce any mass compatible bullshit.
I'll set the bar high and try to create something meaningful.
I want to make music that's relevant.
I will design my own unique style & sound.
I will evolve and re-invent myself all of the time.
I try to think different, to be different and to make a difference.
I will honor the greatest artists of all time.
I will learn about the greatest songs and albums of all time.
I will try to reach for the quality of the old days.
I will be inspired by the past, but I won't just rip off.
I will try to create new and innovative music.
I will embrace new technologies and opportunities.
I will write relevant songs that will have a real impact.
I will record a high quality album that's worth listening to.
I will focus on quality, not quantity.
I will learn about how great music was created in the past.
I may use digital tools, but in a creative way.
I understand that great music doesn't have to be perfect.
I have a vision, I set my own goals & and seek for the highest possible quality
I will try to create real art, not junk for the masses.
I may polarise and I won't care about what others think.
I'll try to become a better artist, engineer, producer & salesman.
I'll try to learn how to turn my vision into reality.
I'll take fate in your own hands.

What's next?

All the information you'll need is in the Jamplifier's manual.
Start reading now a make your first step into a new world!
check out the vision
read the manual
use the tools
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